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How and Why was Camgirlpedia Created?

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Camgirlpedia was founded on the eternally geeky question: “Why aren’t there any stats for this”?

It began as an offhand idea: to compare the data from traditional livestreamers with that of adult performers, and document any interesting findings. This ostensibly simple undertaking, however, ground almost immediately to a halt. While there were hundreds of camgirls and thousands of viewers across a myriad of websites, there was nowhere to retrieve even the most basic statistics.

If you are a streamer on, a popular mainstream livestreaming platform, there are any number of websites which enable you to view and visualise data about yourself and the general community to a granular level, for free . The same exists for other livestreaming services, video games , social media, finance, entertainment, etc. The list goes on. The only glaring omission from this otherwise buzzing ecosystem of statistic-based sites? Adult content.

Coming from the world of traditional livestreamed entertainment, the idea that something so ubiquitous within the industry as basic trend data could be so scarce within the adult webcam community, was baffling. Sure, there was a chart here and a graph there, but they were mainly published in some tabloid, and heavily biased to support the narrative of the article, either promoting or condemning camgirls. There was nothing tangible that would be of any real use to a professional cam-model.

Was there a reason for this? Was it due to a lack of demand by cam-models or simply a restricted supply? Could it be a side-effect of the disdain that society has historically shown towards anything remotely connected to sex work or was there something deeper; a variable that was missing from the equation.

A question like this could not simply be ignored, it was an unscratchable itch in one’s brain that required addressing, lest it drive the thinker mad.

A simple test was designed; very basic data for three of the most popular adult cam-sites was collected. The data was then formatted, and the results posted to reddit forum “r/camgirlproblems” on . Would this research be of any meaningful value to industry professionals, or was it simply an oddity to be ignored?

Graph showing statistics for highest stream-count tags on Chaturbate, Streamate and MyFreeCams Graph showing statistics for highest viewer-count tags on Chaturbate, Streamate and MyFreeCams
Images from original post to r/camgirlproblems.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, this was useful information to the community. The only criticism was that in its current form the data was of limited value, as it only provided a snapshot. For it to be practical, trends and statistics over time would have to be captured.

Buoyed by this small success, and keen to improve what could be an entire platform, more research was done on existing solutions. Some smaller sites which promised limited data were discovered, that had been initially missed. They were restriced to only one cam-site, often required either signing up for an account, payment of a fee, or both. But they did exist. As such, the idea of creating a competing service seemed redundant and the idea was shelved.

Over the following months, the idea of a new service grew, and the notion of improving on existing solutions took on a heightened appeal. Why should these statistics be paywalled? Why require an account to view such basic data? Was there really no place for a service that existed without these predatory conditions?

Here and there, progress was made on the site, until it was eventually in a state that, although rudimentary, was functional and ready for release in February 2022. Data regarding “tags” (akin to categories) from six popular cam-sites had been collected over the course of a month, to be viewed and compared at no expense and without signup for anyone who desired.

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